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Sequence collections client

The refget repository includes a SeqColClient object that provides a simple Python API for interacing with a remote refget sequence collections server.

from refget import SeqColClient

scclient = SeqColClient(url="")
seqcol = scclient.get_collection("MFxJDHkVdTBlPvUFRbYWDZYxmycvHSRp")

scclient = SeqColClient(url="")
seqcol_1 = scclient.get_collection("3mTg0tAA3PS-R1TzelLVWJ2ilUzoWfVq", level=1)
seqcol_2 = scclient.get_collection("3mTg0tAA3PS-R1TzelLVWJ2ilUzoWfVq", level=2)

Now that you have the seqeuence digests, you could retrieve the sequences themselves using a refget client.

import refget
rgc = refget.RefGetClient(api_url_base="")